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Flying Bears Army

As most players of Armies of Zatikon have found out quickly, some armies are for experimenting with and work well against the computer, 2 vs 2, or co-op, while others are really standard power armies, good for constructed formats, and simply all- around play.

“Flying Bears” is one of those!  First, check out this army list:

Wizard  350 pts

Druid  250 pts

General  150 pts

Pikeman  50 pts

Barbarian  50 pts

Possessed  100 pts

Bowman  50 pts

The premise of this army is to get down the Wizard and Druid next to each other, pump out bears with the druid (6 life, 1 armor, 4 damage), and use the ability of the wizard to make them fly!  Moving 3 squares any direction, over units, and saving their 2 commands for attacks only makes these juggernauts into a rushing army instead of wall-ish protectors of the druid.

The other units- Barbarian, Possessed, Bowman and Pikeman are really just extra pieces to protect the Druid and Wizard, as well as great options to make flying units if you are full on bears for some reason (only 3 on the board at a time with Druid).  The possessed is a great piece to sub in for a priest, costing 100 points less, but still gaining control of units she kills.  Have her fly over and finish off a piece the bear tore into, and you control it, easy as that.  Even if the opponent kills the possessed, you still gain a piece, as well as bring out the ghost piece from the possessed!

Alternative pieces are always an option, like a flying Archer instead of bowman- more expensive, but really powerful in picking off pieces all over the board.  For 200 points, the Warrior as a flying unit might just be worth it.  Zero commands to move, and gain commands for attacking!  A great piece against the computer, as more units tent to pile up for him to attack all at once.  Some added protection might be worth it to keep him alive, expensive, but one of these flying around the screen  is disastrous is not stopped.

Try this army out with some co-op or 2vs 2 online play, maybe making some subs to help those scenarios, and see how your teammate appreciates being backed up by an army of flying bears.  Just try and resist saying “bear with me while I attack the golem” :)

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  1. admin Post author

    Quick note as to the Barbarian. One of the most powerful pieces in the game if you time him right, and usually as a defensive deploy as the opposing army closes on your castle, the Barbarian with flying can be deployed much earlier and really rush at the opponent. If you can get 3 attacks in on a turn, he’s going to beef up to a 5 attack 10 life raging blood-luster!

    From there, what is usually a long term goal of getting him up against the gate guard to open the castle can become a one move flying over enemy units and parking in one of their deploy spaces. Just hack away at that gte guard and grow bigger as they frantically retreat their units to stop him. Keep in mind, retreating units doesn’t work out well against a rush of flying bears…


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