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    One player managed to reach level 125 rumored to have been using an enchanter based army…

    This thread is for players to help each other and show off their single player armies for beating the computer. Leave your username, country, time you play daily, and ranking if you feel like it!



    Hydra Skinwalker

    3x Skinwalker
    Flying Relic
    Gate Guard

    I haven’t really gotten that far with this, it has it’s pluses vs the computer. The Hydra is such a powerful and cool piece- really the strongest melee fighter in the game. The biggest problem is that when it dies, it is stunned. Then, the computer can gang up, kill it again, until it’s been killed 6 (?) times.

    In come the Skinwalkers. Every time the Hydra dies, a skinwalker becomes a hydra. So an advantage is formed when the computer is hacking on the original hydra, by having up to 3 more hydras on the board! They are a bit slow to move, but kill anything in their way with 6 attacks.

    The flying Relic is amazing on the first hydra. No cost to move or attack, a flying hydra can single handedly win the game if not dealt with. Usually the hydra prevention is in the form of a wizard, so the Ballista is really in there just to chase wizards and make them use their action points running from it.

    The Militia is an important piece. It almost always returns to the castle, and almost always has a unit/ hydra to deploy next to. It is like the lamprey to the shark. Or little bird to the crocodiles teeth :) The militia is the defense against the hydra being ganged up on when in a stunned mode. If it can take some hits, kill a unit, then the hydra might not be killed and stunned again, and come alive…

    The gate guard is there to guard the gate. ;p It could be replaced with something more aggressive, and possibly the ballista too, if you wanted more of a rush, or some more commands. Commands can be a problem, in which a strategist would come in really handy, getting probably at least 6 bonus commands a turn as the computer hits the hydra.

    Enjoy! Comments?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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