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Triceratapps Publishing is a small game development and publishing company, currently aimed at bringing the highest quality turn-based strategy, Chess variant, and even trading card dynamics implemented games to the mobil markets.

Concentrated on Android, Mac OS X, and Apple iOS platforms, each game is available for all three operating systems, so try it on one, and move it to your favorite for better play!

If you like one, chances are you’ll love the rest of our titles, including: “NightChess”, a spooky chess variant that is quick to play and easy to pick up; “Dwarven Chess”, is the world’s largest and most in-depth Chess Variant and Chess Puzzle app, where you face a series of challenges as either the Dwarven Army or Goblin (and Troll and undead!) Army; and now introducing “Armies of Zatikon”, a trading card combined with Chess game, that allows players to create their own strategies and armies using over 100 custom pieces from the Ranger, Druid, and Shaman, to the Warlock, Diabolist, and all- powerful Witch!

Like any of our games on Facebook and Google+, find them on Twitter, and please give us an in app 5 star review if you are really a fan!  We always check, and are quick with responses on the Google Play Store :)

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